How to Clean & Maintain Decorative Window Film and Window Tint

Lucky, decorative window film and window tint on your home or car windows is virtually maintenance free. Decorative window film looks great on almost any home window, and window tint can help save energy costs and reduce heat in your home or car and maintaining your window film is simple with these basic steps.

After your Window Film is Installed: Curing Time

It is important to allow your window film to cure completely to the glass. During the installation you should have removed as much mounting solution as possible, but a small amount will remain. This trapped liquid can create small water bubbles or a lightly cloudy look; this is normal and should be expected. You do not want to pierce a water bubble during the curing time, as these small bubbles and the cloudy appearance will eventually dissipate.

Cold and cloudy weather can lengthen the amount of time needed for your window film to cure to the window completely. Thicker films also require additional time, but most films should be cured after a week.

How to Clean your Window Film

It is not recommended that you clean your window film sooner then 30 days after installation. This extra time will ensure that the film is cured completely and that cleaning the film will not affect the adhesive. You will clean your window the same way that you clean a window without window film installed. Simply spray a basic household cleaning solution directly onto the glass. We highly recommend Sprayway Glass Cleaner which is ammonia free and wont damage your window film. You’ll then want to use a clean soft cloth, or high quality paper towel, to wipe the spray away with a left to right sweeping motion. Please note that some paper towels are coarse enough to put fine scratches into your window film. While there scratches may be too small to notice at first, they can damage the look of your film over time.

When finished, run a paper towel along the edges of the windows to pick up any excess moisture or debris. If excess water is left on these edges it can seep behind the window film and begin to break down the adhesive.

What Cleaning Solutions can I use on Window Film?

Most basic household cleaning solutions (such as dish soap, or ammonia free window cleaner) can be used to clean your window film after installation. Please note however, that you do not want to use any ammonia based window cleaners as this can cause the adhesive to break down over time and ruin the film. You also do not want to use any cleaning solutions that can be considered abrasive, such as backing soda. Finally, be careful not to use sharp instruments that could cut or gouge the film. Avoid using bristle brushes, abrasive scrubbing sponges or coarse paper towels.