How much Window Film do I Need?

Figuring out how much window film is needed for your window is much easier then you think. First you need to know the sizes of your window, review the sizes of window film available, pick which pattern or style you like and finally order the quantity needed. With these simple steps on how to measure and order your window film, you’ll be one step closer to adding privacy or style to your home in no time.

How to Measure for Window Film

The first step to know how much window film you are going to need is to measure the area you want to install window film on, just the glass area though, not the frame. Repeat this for each window you would like to install film on. Make sure you write these measurements down so you can start looking for the perfect pattern!

When measuring your windows you will want to add 1 inch in each direction to your measurements to ensure room for error and cutting during installation. This is because during installation this overlap allows you to cut the film to the edge of your window, so it custom fits your window.

Here are a few tips on how to measure for window film…

  • First measure your window from left to right, this will be the width you need
  • Then measure your window from top to bottom, this will be the length you need
  • Window film is sold in linear feet which equals 12 inches
  • Window film is sold by the foot or yard, which 1 yard equals 3 feet
  • If your window measures 22″ x 35″ you will need a film that is at least 24″ wide and you would order 3 feet

Think outside the box: most patterns you can turn to better fit your window. So on a 22″ x 35″ window you can also purchase 2 feet of 36″ wide film and simply turn the film to fit your window.

How to order Window Film

After you have completed your measurements and chosen your window film, its time to order. All window film sold on is sold in one continuous roll when more then one is ordered. For example, if you need 6 feet of window film sold by the foot you will order a qty of “6”. If the film you have chosen is sold by the yard, you will order a qty of “2” as this would give a roll of film that is 2 yards long (or 6 feet).

If you need help deciding how much film to order, simply contact us. You can also call us at 1-877-473-6567 and we’ll be happy to help!