3 Gallon Pressure Sprayer


GT102 – 3 Gallon Pressure Sprayer (Orange)

This versatile 3-gallon sprayer is a must have tool in any window tint shop. Can be used for window cleaning solution, or window film application solution. Essential for large commercial jobs, this sprayer comes with a 16 foot rubber hose that allows for excellent mobility. The 3-gallon capacity allows you to complete your large window film installation without being interrupted, and the carrying strap allows for easy mobility. Comes with a sprayer nozzle, and brass spray head tip for a large covering fan-spray.


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GT102 – 3 Gallon Pressure Sprayer (Orange)

The 3 Gallon Pressure Sprayer stores either window cleaner or application solution. Essential for those big commercial jobs. Long 13′ hose allows great mobility and large capacity gives uninterrupted and fatigue-free installation.

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