Decorative window film looks great on almost any home window, and window tint can help save energy costs and reduce heat in your home or car. Maintaining your window film is simple, but sometimes after a few years of having window film up you can change your mind about how it looks, have problems with the film that’s installed, or simply just want to freshen a room up with a new pattern. This how-to will go over both how to how to remove window film when you decide it’s no longer needed.

Tools Needed to Remove Window Film

Some window films do not require any tools for removal; you can simply pick at the corner with your finger nail then pull and peal the film off the glass. If this is not the case then some basic tools can be used to remove window film from any glass surface. First is a basic razor blade. We recommended you use a stainless steel razor blade as stainless steel does not easily scratch glass. For more serious removals, you may need what’s called a Triumph 6″ wide scraper and some stainless steel triumph blades. This tool is also wonderful for scraping off and cleaning a glass stove surface!

Removing Window Film

Using these tools you can now peel away the window film. For thin films, it may come off in two or three pieces. After this there may be some adhesive residue remaining on the glass. Using your razor blade you can carefully remove this by adding some soapy water to the window. For tough residues, or to speed up removal, you can use an adhesive remover. This product also works great on stuck on grease. Once all of the adhesive is cleaned from the glass simply clean the window once more.