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What does Clear UV Blocking Window Film do?

UV Blocking Window Film helps block up to 99% of harmful UV rays. But what exactly is this window film protecting from and what will it help? Does every window film come with UV protection and do my windows already have UV protection?

What are "UV" rays?

There are three types of ultraviolet rays(UV): UV-A, UV-B and UV-C. These rays are electromagnetic radiation from the Sun's energy and are found in sunlight. The earth's atmosphere and ozone layer will filter out all of the UV-C rays, as well as a percentage of the UV-B rays. Recently, with ozone depletion and environmental concerns UV-B rays have become a major concern as they are the primary cause of sunburn, and prolonged exposure to these powerful UV rays can cause certain forms of skin cancer. UV-A rays on the other hand penetrates skin deeper and is considered to be the main cause of visible skin aging.

Protect your Family from UV Rays

So how can I protect my family from these harmful UV rays? While replacing all of the windows in your home is one direction to go, most of us can't afford this. Additionally, most Low-E glass windows don't block 99% of UV rays and still allow a percentage of these rays to pass through your windows. Adding a layer of clear UV Window Film to block these rays is a great alternative.

UV Blocking Window Films

Clear UV Blocking Window Film blocks 99% of UV rays, while helping to reduce heat during the summer. Tinted Solar Window Films also block 99% of UV rays, but add a layer of solar energy protection to your windows allowing you to reduce heat transmitted by the sun. If you don't want to reduce the amount of light that comes in or you don't need to really reduce heat than Clear UV Window Film is perfect for you. It is virtually clear and easy to install yourself. Click Here to Shop DIY Clear UV Blocking Film.

Benefits of Clear UV Window Film

  • Blocks 99% of UV Rays
  • Slows Fading of Furniture & Carpeting
  • Protects your family from harmful UV rays
  • Virtually Clear
  • Maintains Natural Sunlight allowing 90% of Visible Light to be Transmitted
  • Easy to Install and will last for years