Is the film easy to install?

Yes! When customers review our products, the number one response is how suprisingly easy it was to install. Simply peel, spray, trim and squeegee the film onto your window. Every order comes with complete, detailed, instructions as well as a free installation tool. Complete Instructions can be found here.


Will my window be ruined if the film is removed?

Not at all. Both our static cling and adhesive backed films are easily removed. If an adhesive backed film has been installed for some time, a light residue may remain on the glass. This can be easily washed off. Detailed instructions on how to remove window film can be found here.


If I order more than one will I receive multiple rolls?

Not unless this is specially requested through one of our customer service representatives. Simply trim the roll to size before installation. Most of our films are sold in lengths of 3, 7, 12, 18 or 25 feet. If you order two rolls of 3 feet, it will come as one 6 foot roll. Of course, if your order contains two different films, or two different widths these will be two separate rolls.


Do I need to order the installation kit?

Every order comes with a Free Installation Tool (a squeegee). In addition to this squeegee you’ll also need a utility knife, 32oz spray bottle, mild detergent (baby shampoo is recommended) some paper towels. We also recommend a tape measure and a straight edge, such as a ruler. If you are installing multiple windows, or a large area we recommend purchasing the Complete Installation Kit because all of the tools you need are included.


Do you custom cut the film?

At this time we do not custom cut the film to the size of your window, however using a basic utility knife the film can easily be trimmed to size.


Is there a film that is clear that I can see out but people can’t see in?

Unfortunately there is no film that allows for 24/7 privacy, while still allowing you to see out at all times. The best solution for this scenario is our One Way Mirror Film. It provides a great deal of privacy while still allowing you to see out during the day. At night, basic privacy is still maintained. To enhance this, an exterior light needs to be installed and pointed at the window, as this film works based on light density.


Can the film be installed in a bathroom?

Definitely! If you are concerned about humidity or the film coming in direct contact with water after installation, apply a bead of silicone to the edges of the film. This will prevent water from getting behind the window film.


Can the film be installed on a mirror?

Installing window film on a mirror is an excellent way to update the look of a room. Install the film the same way you would install on any window. Our border designs are a great option for mirrors.


When do you offer Window Film and More coupon codes?

Promotions are offered occasionally throughout the year. There is no specific schedule for Window Film and More Coupon Codes. Follow us on Facebook to stay up to date on current specials and coupons.


How do I order samples?

A link to request a 3″ x 5″ sample of our window film can be found on the pages of products which have samples available. We offer one free sample of each available film, and up to three free samples total. For additional samples or special requests, call  1-877-473-6567 or visit our contact page.

We currently do not ship to Canada.


Can the film be applied to Plexi-glass?

Our films are designed to be installed to any glass surface. While many customers have successfully installed our films on Plexi-Glass windows and have reported no problems, our films are not designed for Plexi-Glass installation. The concern with Plexi-Glass is that it releases small amounts of gas, especially with new Plexi-Glass, causing a champagne (bubble) effect in areas of the film. If you choose to install our films onto new Plexi-Glass please allow the Plexi-Glass to breathe for 1-2 weeks prior to installing our films.


How do I know how much to order?

A complete article on how to measure and order your window film can be found here.


Can the film be double layered?

If you choose to double layer our films, it is best to wait 1-2 weeks between layers so that the first layer can fully cure to the glass. During the installation of the second layer, it is recommended that you use less water as to not damage the first installed layer.


How long will it take to ship?

Most orders ship in one business day. For example, if you place an order on Friday it will not ship until the following business day, typically Monday. If there is an issue that delays your order, you will be contacted within 24 hours of placing your order and we will work with you to resolve the issue.


What is your return policy?

Our complete return policy can be found here