How Does Window Film Lower My Cooling Bills?

Solar Window Film helps to lower your cooling bills in the summer by reducing the amount of heat that is allowed through the glass, reflecting a certain amount of heat and reducing the amount of heat your windows absorb.

Solar Transmittance: 89% | Solar Reflectance: 6% | Solar Absorption: 5%

What’s making your house so hot?

When sunlight (solar radiation energy) hits your windows there are three things that can happen:

  • The energy can pass through the glass (Transmittance)
  • The energy can be reflected away from the glass (Reflectance)
  • The energy can be absorbed by the glass (Absorption)

These three events together total 100% of the sun’s energy that hits your window, causing heat and therefore making it harder for your Air-Conditioning to keep the house cool.

It’s obvious that a clear piece of glass will transmit a high amount of energy…and all of that energy will go straight into your house and make it harder for your air-conditioning system to keep your house cool, raising your cooling bills.

Solar Transmittance: 22% | Solar Reflectance: 43% | Solar Absorption: 35%

Using Window Film to Save You Energy

With the solar window film installed, only 22% of the solar energy is transmitted through the window. This creates an astonishing 68% of total solar energy rejected – lowering your cooling bills during the summer and saving you money on utility bills with solar window film!

DIY Solar Window Film

Installing window film on your house is something that you can do yourself. Some films have higher heat rejection, with a more reflective look. If you are looking for superior heat rejection, solar silver window film is perfect because of the high amount of heat this film reflects. Some homeowners prefer a more neutral color for aesthetic reasons, so a neutral colored solar film is better. Easy to install solar films will help lower your cooling bills while making your home more comfortable all year.


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