What is Static Cling Window Film?

What is Static Cling Window Film?

When looking at window film, you may notice that you have the options of adhesive-backed or static cling. Adhesive-backed is pretty self explanatory, but what exactly is a static cling?

Static cling window film is an easy, cost effective way to update your space and add privacy. It is especially suited for temporary installation, or anywhere that clean and easy removal is critical. This makes static cling window film perfect for apartments and short-term retail signage. Though recommended mainly for temporary installation in commercial locations, it can last for years in residential locations, since there is less activity that could loosen the cling.

How does the film stick with no adhesive? The name suggests that it has something to do with static electricity, but this isn’t the case. The “stickiness” of this adhesive-free film has nothing to do with a static charge. It actually works more like a suction cup on the surface it is applied to. So, like a suction cup, it can only be applied to smooth, non-porous surfaces. Glass works best, but metal and some plastics also work well with static clings.

The major benefit of choosing a static cling is that they can be easily removed, re-positioned and reused. The “stickiness” of the cling can deteriorate over time because of dirt or grime build up, and inclement weather will easily cause the cling to peel away over time. It can also be affected by the use of strong cleaners and extended periods of non-use, so consider these factors when choosing between static cling and adhesive-backed window film.

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