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Types of Auto Film


This type of film has metal particles embedded in it that use their reflective properties to block out the sunlight. The material also makes the window more shiny, giving it a sparkling look that is difficult to achieve otherwise. In addition to aesthetics, this type of film also helps your vehicle be more safe. The metal particles have the added benefit of strengthening the window itself, making the possibility of the window shattering in an accident less likely.  If there is a con to all these pros, it is that the metal particles can sometimes interfere with GPS.


Dyed film is composed of several layers that absorb the sunlight penetrating your vehicle. The strength of the dye depends on your preference, whether it be somewhat opaque to very dark. This window film is among the most popular and can be surprisingly affordable. Despite it being an excellent sun absorber, it does not protect you against UV light as good as other types of film do. This film is great if you desire privacy or just plain want to look cool in your vehicle.


Want the best properties of both metalized and dyed window film? Hybrid films offer the best of both worlds. Although not as shiny as metalized windows, they still offer the reflective properties of the type and are higher quality than the normal dyed variety. In addition they do not have as much GPS interference as the solely metalized films have.


Ceramic film is the most expensive window film, but comes with the benefit of being the best in blocking UV rays. This film is in fact so powerful it blocks 99% of these harmful rays. Due to the fact it is made with ceramic material, this film is very good at expelling heat and reflecting sunlight. Due to these heat rejecting properties, Ceramic film can lower the temperature of your vehicle by half. This film is also shatter proof, adding extra security to your vehicle in case of an accident. The final cherry on top is ceramic film doesn’t have to be as dark as the other window films to provide the same heat protection.


Composed of carbon fiber particles, carbon film is another excellent option if you are auto window tinting. They offer stronger UV protection than the dyed or metalized varieties and can help reduce the heat by about 40%. But for these excellent features, be prepared to pay top dollar. That said it is an extremely durable film that won’t fade as fast as other films.