Lattice R02502


Our Lattice Decorative Window Film is an exceptional choice for adding style to a bedroom or living room window, and is frequently used by professional designers/decorators.

This window film starts with a clear background and from there white frosted rectangles are added in a repeating pattern across the length of the film. Each rectangle measures 1 1/2” wide and a 1/4″ high, with 1/4″ of clear space in between the shapes. It offers a UV rejection rate of up to 99% and a VLT of roughly 20%. The R02502 window film can easily be turned onto its side, making the rectangles vertical blocks, is easy to install, and can be used on double pane glass.

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Installation Type: Adhesive Backed Window Film
Available Widths: 60 inch, 30 inch
Level of Privacy: Little Privacy – This window film is not designed for privacy.
UV Rejection: up to 99%
Visible Light Transmittance: 17%
Warranty: 90 Day Manufacture Defect, Replacement Warranty.
Restrictions: This Window Film is Approved for Double Paned Glass.

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30"x3ft, 30"x7ft, 30"x12ft, 30"x18ft, 30"x25ft, 60"x3ft, 60"x7ft, 60"x12ft, 60"x18ft, 60"x25ft


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