Solar Privacy 15% Neutral Colored RV Film



Cool Camper’s Solar Privacy RV Film is a specially designed Architectural film that both provide privacy with minimal reverse- reflective issues and solar heat rejection to minimize excessive A/C usage. This can make a world of difference in those campgrounds with insufficient power supply and everyone’s A/C is running continuously. This film is available in a variety of widths, lengths and VLT’s to accommodate any RV window.

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Installation Type: Adhesive Backed Window Film
Available Widths: 24 inch, 36 inch, 60 inch, 30 inch
Level of Privacy: High – This film provides a lot of privacy and lots of light!
UV Rejection: up to 99%
Visible Light Transmittance: 15%
Solar Energy Transmittance: 20.4%
Solar Energy Reflectance: 25.5%
Solar Energy Absorption: 54.1%
Total Solar Energy Rejected: 63.5%
Warranty: 90 Day Manufacture Defect, Replacement Warranty.
Restrictions: This Window Film is Approved for Double Paned Glass.
Item Number: CC6215
Brand: Cool Camper

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24” x 3ft, 24” x 7ft, 24” x 12ft, 24” x 18ft, 24” x 25ft, 30” x 3ft, 30” x 7ft, 30” x 12ft, 30” x 18ft, 30” x 25ft, 36” x 3ft, 36” x 7ft, 36” x 12ft, 36” x 18ft, 36” x 25ft, 60” x 3ft, 60” x 7ft, 60” x 12ft, 60” x 18ft, 60” x 25ft


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